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Ranked up as Elite Hacker in Hack the Box

Hack The Box is an online Pen-testing Labs for testing penetration testing skills and exchange ideas and methodologies with thousands of people in the security field. When I first ranked up as Hacker it was so excited. Since then, I enjoyed rooting machines and tried to get score to up my rank. Anyway my rooted machines keep getting expired and I couldn't fast enought to hack and save my score.

Finally, today I rooted Scavenger box and my rank become Elite Hacker xD.

Elite Hacker

Now I owned 15 active boxes (34 root users and 36 system users owned in total) and I think there is no more box to root since its insanse difficulty.


Here is my HTB profile (or public profile), I would be thankful if you give me ⭐️ 😁. I helped a lot of people and got respected by 43 users 😎.

Hack the Box Badge